Research and Documentation

Turaga Foundation carries out research and documentation in the fields of culture, heritage, environment, social and urban development

  • Survey and Research on Dargahs of Hyderabad
  • Study of Historic Water Systems of Former British Residency Complex, (Koti Women’s College, Hyderabad)
  • Study and Documentation of Hashmat Gunj and British Residency Bazaars’
  • Cultural Industries and Artisans - Old City of Hyderabad, Handlooms etc
  • Digitisation of Libraries and Archives - Status
  • Golconda and Hyderabad - World Heritage Potential
  • Documentation of the life and work of Kuchipudi maestros and their present socio-economic conditions in 2011-2013 in association with Panchamvedam trust.
  • Revitalisation of Kuchipudi Region (Village of origin of South Indian classical Kuchipudi dance form in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India), social documentation of the traditional Kuchipudi Masters and their families, cultural documentation of the art forms that are in danger of fading for lack of institutionalized training