Our Inspiration

Turaga Krishna Mohan Rao, Journalist and Columnist

A journalist and a popular columnist, Krishna Mohan Rao was known for his satirical and incisive analysis of politics, policy, social phenomena, and behavioural anachronisms. He was much published and his writings evoked admiration from eminent people as well as common readers

Turaga Janaki Rani, Writer and Broadcaster

A writer of repute, a broadcaster of unmatched prowess, and a communications expert with keen insight into social mechanisms, Janaki Rani was winner of many awards. She was a multifaceted personality, being also a dancer-choreographer, musician, a children's littérateur and social activist.

Narender Revelli, Journalist and Communications Expert

A journalist with vast experience in reporting politics, business, sports and development issues, Narender Revelli was a pioneer across various media from print to television to web. He brought fine cricket analysis to Telugu television and won accolades for his keen reporting.

V Satyavathi, Educationist

A teacher par excellence, a mentor to generations of students, and a visionary in facilitating girl child education, Satyavathi was an expert in Telugu literature, Sanskrit and Hindi languages. A social reformer in action, she had initiated many innovative schemes for girls' education such as Paisa Fund and Spoorthi, an alumni fund.

Swamini Sarada Priyananda, Spiritual Guru

A powerhouse of activity as a child, a lawyer of great skill, an able administrator, and an ascetic of immeasurable knowledge, Swamini Sarada Priyananda, renounced material life to join Swami Chinmayananda. Her writings and discourses on Gita and Upanishads have had millions of followers and the Chinmayaranyam Ashram she founded is an abode for spiritual pursuits.

Dulla Venkata Ramanamma, Freedom Fighter and Women's Activist

Married at 11, Venkataramanamma went on to live the most meaningful 88 years of life, inspiring generations of people both within and outside the family. She was the founder of Mahila Seva Mandali at Machilipatnam in 1930s, leading many mutinies as part of the freedom struggle. The younger sister of legendary writer Chalam, she was a dramatist, storyteller, a singer and a skillful organiser.

Mandapakala Rajyalakshmi, Flute Exponent

A dutiful wife and a loving mother, Rajyalakshmi studied alongside her daughter to graduate in history. She was not just a part of the Freedom movement, a participant in activities of Mahila Seva Mandali and Andhra Balananda Sangham, but is also a trained Flautist and Carnatic Musician, performing on various platforms for many decades.

Vidyadevi Omprakash Gupta, Freedom Fighter, Social Activist

A Law graduate who plunged into freedom movement, Vidya Devi was a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, and Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan. She continued her nation-building activities, implementing rural development and community reconstruction activities and empowered thousands of women across many decades.

Chalam, Writer

Chalam is a name that is etched deep in the annals of Telugu literary history. A legend and a writer who evoked as much adoration as controversy, Chalam produced works that stay fresh and relevant decades after they have been written. A master wordsmith and a man of vision, Chalam remains a beacon for anyone seeking meaning in the working of the world.