Community Projects

  • Turaga Foundation works with artisans and artists to empower and enhance their livelihood in core skill development.
  • These projects focus majorly on women, children, and young people and have been ongoing since 2006.
  • Initiative of Shaili started in 2020 to enable sales of various products and crafts by artisans.
  • Reported and documented case studies and issues between 2008 to 2012, concerning population groups such as old city artisans, child workers, farmers, and other socially and economically marginalized groups.
  • Tree plantation in urban and semi-urban areas with local community participants through SAPLING in 1990s.
  • Green waste management project in urban areas in association with the solid waste management division of GHMC in 1990s.
  • Fund-raising initiative to support families of Telangana farmers who committed suicide.
  • Community Revitalization Project: Bharat Nagar Mahila Mandali - Revitalisation of Noorkhan Bazar Community hall (2011-12).
  • Community newspaper, Book reading Club, Community cultural activities and group interactions on issues concerning local community.